RC Visuals: Filmmaker for your Music, Live and Promo Videos for your music band or company.
Rubén Contreras (RC Visuals)

What is RC Visuals?

RC Visuals is the bridge between music and film. I am Rubén Contreras, a filmaker based in Madrid, Spain, and I have always been linked to film and music, that’s why I am able to create anything from music and lyric videos for bands to short films or promo videos & commercials for stores and companies.

Although my abilities go beyond the visual and also focus on the music itself. That is why I also offer my services as a composer and music producer for TV Ads, Trailers, Promo videos & commercials, and movies or short films, or any audiovisual project that requires a soundtrack.

Every company, band, store or project needs to take care of its image and needs to show its highest potential to its customers, so tell me about your project, and I’ll take care of the rest. From pre-production to the final product.


RC Visuals: Music Videos for your band

Take the leap and take your band to the top with the best music videos

RC Visuals: Full Live Shows Videos filming and Official Music Live Videos

Your fans need to know what you are like on a live show

RC Visuals: Dynamic Lyric Videos for your music band

Improve the image of your band and make it easier for your fans to learn your lyrics

RC Visuals: Promo & commercial videos for your company / store / business

Promote your business and capture the attention of your customers

Let’s create a soundtrack for your project!
TV Ads & Trailers, Films & Short Films or Video Games


In this video I show you, in just one minute, some of the projects I have worked on until 2020. From pop music videos to the most brutal horror and gore stories.


Filmmaker, Creative Director, Content Creator as music videos for bands, short films and promo and commercial videos for companies or business

My name is Rubén Contreras and I am a filmaker based in Madrid, Spain I started working at RC Visuals in 2018 producing videos for Metropol and The Metal Factory Studios. Bands like Cannibal Grandpa, XpresidentX, Ummo, Bonecarver or Oktopussy trusted me to make their Lyric, Music and Promo Videos.

I have always been closely linked to film and music, so my skills go beyond the visual and also focus on music production and composition. I am currently a music producer and composer at Studio Rev, a film, trailer, TV and video games music library based in Los Angeles who have worked on campaigns for major Hollywood studios as Disney, 20th Century FoxWarner Bros Entertainment or MGM studios.

With an audio engineering degree from SAE Institute, I am currently continuing my self-taught education as a freelance.

If you have any kind of project and need to improve the image and status of your company / band / store, do not hesitate to contact me


Quinto Diario

RC Visuals: for Pop Punk band with formed by drums, bass, guitar and vocals.

After two music videos with RC Visuals, we can confirm the quality guarantee he offers. Working with Rubén has been gratifying, both personally and professionally and giving incredible ease when producing any type of audiovisual work, creative ideas when preparing the production and total confidence. The quality that he has given us shows the leap that a band can make to a higher quality, so without a doubt, we will continue working with him for our next audiovisual works.


RC Visuals: Filmmaker for a Deathcore band with heavy songs and videos on Slam Worldwide

‘Our experience with RC Visuals was completely awesome. We needed a lyric video for our upcoming single and with only a couple of ideas he already knew what we needed for our project. If you are looking for someone who can produce a good audiovisual material he is definitely the person you’re looking for. Professional, perfectionist, honest, polite and with a very good vision of work. Counteractt will work with him again on our future releases without a doubt!‘


RC Visuals: Filmmaker for a post-hardcore rock band from Madrid

‘Working with RC Visuals has been an experience that we recommend to all bands that want to record a professional video. He adapted to the budget that we presented to him and to the idea that we brought at all times, providing new perspectives that made his potential develop to levels that we would not have achieved otherwise. We will definitely work with him again.’

Sundara Ensemble

RC Visuals: Filmmaker for a band formed just by Saxophones which plays classical music

‘Professionalism, versatility and a good work environment are Rubén’s main hallmarks. He is capable of combining experience and technique with the latest trends in audiovisual matters, doing true magic and far exceeding all expectations. Trusting RC Visuals is a guarantee of success.


Some of the clients I have worked with: